We are all about Security!

Many companies CLAIM that they are secure, but what does that mean?

They say that they use "Military Grade Encryption" or "Bank Level Encryption", so they must be secure, right

The sad truth of the matter is that most of them have no

idea of what it takes to be truly secure.

LegacyArmour is different. It was designed and built by Certified Ethical Hackers, and security professionals who know what it takes to design a site with security embedded in every feature.

Don't take our word for it!

Here are actual test results on LegacyArmour's security compared to others. Only the Government can match LegacyArmour's security!

Web Site Security Rating *

* Based on December 2017 test of comparable sites using the Dutch website security testing system at internet.nl

Security is about Design

It has to be built-in, not bolted-on!

Most security issues with websites and companies aren't bugs in their computer code, they are design flaws in the way the system was created.

"If you put a military grade lock on a door next to a window, you end up with a very expensive, secure door, and a broken window."

Security is just as much about HOW you do something as it is about WHAT you do.

LegacyArmour uses a mixture of the best products and the best techniques and processes to ensure that our service is the best, most secure possible.

We use best of breed security techniques like:

  • Zero-Knowledge Encryption
  • Dynamic Security Site Testing
  • Rolling Data Integrity Assurance

We know the What, Why, and How of security. This is all we do!

Now you can have your very own security guru working to protect you.

"Armour Up!" with LegacyArmour!

LegacyArmour is the only Information Assurance, Insurance, and Protection Company that both encrypts information and delivers to recipients when the time is right.